Ocean Blue for Baby Leu


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When Jenny Leu, of Forrest and J, asked me to design her baby shower, I was flattered.  Ok, I was scared, lets be real.  It is no easy task to design a baby shower for another event designer.  There is so much pressure to make it look perfect and even more pressure to make perfection fit into a budget.  Not an easy feat.  On top of that, I have a lot of my editorial props and party supplies packed away in storage as my family and I are transitioning from one home to another.  We are currently living in an apartment complex, so I don't have the extra space to build backdrops or installations as I typically would for an event.  I think that is what makes this event so special.   There are creative DIY pieces in every area of the shower and they are all things that any one can create with little space and limited time.  



The key to stretching your event budget is to to secure a venue that can elevate what you already have,  a space that comes with a lot of "stuff",  and also to repurpose elements that may have been used for past events. 



Jenny and her husband Adam, live their life on the California Coast.  Adam wakes up and surfs everyday and they spend most of their free time on the sand.  They are excited to welcome their boy into this world and raise him in this laid back lifestyle so I decided that the a Coastal surf inspired baby shower layering shades of blue was the way to go for this event.   



Sourced. , is a venue in Laguna Beach, California that truly embodies the surf shack vibe.  This pale blue shake shingle house has been transformed into a creative workspace.  The rustic hardwood floors on the interior feel like they could have been made from aged beachwood and the white walls and natural wood vaulted ceiling are a designers dream canvas.  Renting the venue space allows you access to their custom bar, use of plants, succulents, tables, and large assortment of lounge furniture.  There are no additional fees to use or not use the furniture that they have in house.  Having an assortment of decor and props already in place to work with that only require you to position and style can make a budget go a long way.  This is what I mean about "Stuff".  The less money I had to spend on props and lounge rentals, the more I could spend on the other unique details.  



My focus on pulling in the coastal elements for the beach was to have the splatter reflect the spray of the ocean.  I wanted something different than your typical watercolor or dip dye.  The shades of splattered blue ran through the invitation suite, signage and the dessert spread.   

The laser cut signage from Midnight Confetti was repurposed from Jenny's gender reveal party.  I left some of the birch wood elements natural and others I spray painted with dark blue spray paint to make them look new.  


I added in a few DIY elements that were all budget, time, and space friendly.  All of my DIY instructions, plus where to buy all of this fun decor can be found on Black Twine.  


Design + Styling: Niki Stoller of Seventh Bixel | Photography: Wisteria Photography | Venue: Sourced. | Florals: MV Florals | Dessert: Sugar Crush Sweets | Invitations + Laser Cut Signage: Midnight Confetti | Paper Plates and Cutlery: Sophisti Plate | Plastic Glassware: L'entramise | Sparkling Wine: Le Grand Courtage | Napkins + Candles: Target | Custom Surfboard: Agave Surf | Party Blue Print: Black Twine

Barely Marbled Bowties


I am always looking for a hassle free treat that takes few ingredients, has little prep work and is mostly mess free.  When the treat is both adult and child friendly, even better. 

Chocolate pops, or white chocolate in my case, are my quick go-to.  They are perfect for party favors and they travel quite easy.  Today, I am going to quickly show you how to make these barely marbled bow ties. 

Silicone Candy molds (I typically grab these at Michaels.  You can find seasonal molds and they are inexpensive and dishwasher safe.  Similar one on Amazon found here)

Lollipop Sticks (Also available at Michaels or your local grocery store in the baking aisle)

Wilton’s Candy Melts (Available at Michaels and Party City)

Edible Star Glitter (optional) this can be found at Michaels or here.

Mixing bowls (1 per chocolate)


Zip lock baggie

1. Pour each chocolate into a separate microwave safe bowl and melt on high for one (1) minute and then stir.  Continue to melt the chocolate at 15 second intervals and stir each time.  You will want to make sure that the chocolate is melted but not over melted.  Stirring frequently will allow the chocolate to melt evenly.

2. Pour one of the chocolate colors into the other melted chocolates bowl folding the mixture over once.  Make sure not to over mix or you will lose the marble effect.

3.  Using your spatula pour the mixture into a zip lock bag and seal.  Cut the corner of the zip lock and squeeze the mixture into the molds.

4.  Once the molds are filled, gently tap them on the counter so the chocolate settles.  Place a lollipop stick into each mold.

5.  Place the treats in the refrigerator for 30 minutes until cooled and hardened.

Optional: Once the treats have completely hardened you can gently remove them from the molds.  If you want to add some edible glitter or gold leafing to them now is the perfect time.  Just simply dip your finger into the mixture and grab some of the glitter onto your finger.  Gently touch the chocolate and the décor will transfer.


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