50 Shades of Greige and How to Choose The Right One for Your Space

First, what exactly is greige?  Let’s break it down.  Greige is a blend word, made up of the marriage of the colors grey and beige.  It is a neutral color that goes with everything, but how do you know which one to choose? 

Photo: Resene

Photo: Resene

There are so many greige options and as I’m sure many of you have noticed when choosing neutral paint colors beige either ends up too pink or too orange while grey can be too green or lavender.  The trick is to pick a warm beige to achieve the perfect greige. 

Photo:  Resene

Photo: Resene

How exactly do you choose that perfect greige?  The answer is much more simple than you may have guessed.  You always use the darkest hue on the paint swatch as your guide.  Using the darkest color on the swatch gives you a true idea of the undertones that will show up in even the lightest shade on the swatch.  The darkest shade has the most saturation so you get to see it’s true color base.

For example, khaki has a pink or blue base, while golds have a green or brown base and reds have an orange or pink base.   To see a colors true base, always hold the paint chips next to something white, otherwise the color tones may be thrown off. 

If the darkest swatch is too green or too red, then those same hues are present in the lightest swatch.

Once you narrow down to your favorite colors, you should always paint a 4x4 swatch on each wall in the room you will be painting to see how the light works and make sure that you paint two coats to see the accurate color.  By painting the swatches on each wall you will be able to see how the color works in both natural and artificial light.