Blood Orange Gin Fizz

We have a lot to celebrate lately.  For starters, It’s spring and that means we are going to be outside attending parties, BBQ’ing, enjoying the start of wedding season and hitting up the beach and pool.  Also, daylight savings is finally here, and although we have to adjust to the hour of sleep we lose and waking up to a dark sky, we get an extra hour of sunlight!  

We have been working hard over here pulling together lots of ideas for how to get your entertaining mojo out of hibernation.  We kicked off March providing tips on al fresco dining and even have two custom invitations available for purchase at just $5.  If you missed getting your e-vite ordered, it’s not too late.  See here for details.

Most importantly, it’s Friday, which means celebratory libations are in order.  Up on today’s menu is our Blood Orange Gin Fizz.  Blood Orange season is typically from December through May, so we are making the most out of this fruit while it’s still in season. This drink uses fresh fruit, it actually fizzes when you make it, and it’s refreshing.  

* Recipe makes 1 serving

Blood Oranges ¼ cup (approx 2-3 oranges)

Granulated Sugar ¼ cup

Gin 1.5 oz

Confectioner’s Sugar 1 teaspoon

Club Soda 4 oz

Rosemary, for garnish

Collins glass

For the rim of the glass:  Zest the blood orange(s) onto a plate.  Add the granulated sugar and mix together.  Wet the inside and outside rim of your glass using a wet paper towel and place the glass into the sugar mixture spinning the glass to evenly coat the rim


For the cocktail:  Juice the blood oranges and pour the juice into your cocktail glass along with the gin and stir.  Be sure not to knock off all of your rimming sugar.  Next, Add your confectioners sugar and club soda.  Once all of the fizzing has stopped, add ice and a rosemary sprig for garnish and enjoy. 

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All images in this blog post were taken by Amanda Jameson and styled by Niki Stoller of Seventh Bixel

Al fresco Invitation Made Just For You

Warmer weather is just around the corner and we are hopeful that our blog last week on al fresco dining has inspired you to have some friends over for a weekend lunch outdoors.  If you missed the blog post from last week, be sure to check it out here.

We thought our followers may need a little motivation to dust off that outdoor patio and dive into Spring, so we had our talented Friend Chelsea Briganti design two (2) invitation options that we are offering to customize for just $5

All you need to do is email us HERE and let us know which of the two invitation options you would like customized, the location of event, date and time and we will personalize them accordingly.

Once we receive payment from you (these details will be included in the email response to your inquiry) then we will send over a PDF file that you can either email to your guests or print to place in the mail. 

Option 1 Watercolor Olive Branches

Option 2: Floral Fette

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Barely Marbled Bowties


I am always looking for a hassle free treat that takes few ingredients, has little prep work and is mostly mess free.  When the treat is both adult and child friendly, even better. 

Chocolate pops, or white chocolate in my case, are my quick go-to.  They are perfect for party favors and they travel quite easy.  Today, I am going to quickly show you how to make these barely marbled bow ties. 

Silicone Candy molds (I typically grab these at Michaels.  You can find seasonal molds and they are inexpensive and dishwasher safe.  Similar one on Amazon found here)

Lollipop Sticks (Also available at Michaels or your local grocery store in the baking aisle)

Wilton’s Candy Melts (Available at Michaels and Party City)

Edible Star Glitter (optional) this can be found at Michaels or here.

Mixing bowls (1 per chocolate)


Zip lock baggie

1. Pour each chocolate into a separate microwave safe bowl and melt on high for one (1) minute and then stir.  Continue to melt the chocolate at 15 second intervals and stir each time.  You will want to make sure that the chocolate is melted but not over melted.  Stirring frequently will allow the chocolate to melt evenly.

2. Pour one of the chocolate colors into the other melted chocolates bowl folding the mixture over once.  Make sure not to over mix or you will lose the marble effect.

3.  Using your spatula pour the mixture into a zip lock bag and seal.  Cut the corner of the zip lock and squeeze the mixture into the molds.

4.  Once the molds are filled, gently tap them on the counter so the chocolate settles.  Place a lollipop stick into each mold.

5.  Place the treats in the refrigerator for 30 minutes until cooled and hardened.

Optional: Once the treats have completely hardened you can gently remove them from the molds.  If you want to add some edible glitter or gold leafing to them now is the perfect time.  Just simply dip your finger into the mixture and grab some of the glitter onto your finger.  Gently touch the chocolate and the décor will transfer.


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50 Shades of Greige and How to Choose The Right One for Your Space

First, what exactly is greige?  Let’s break it down.  Greige is a blend word, made up of the marriage of the colors grey and beige.  It is a neutral color that goes with everything, but how do you know which one to choose? 

Photo: Resene

Photo: Resene

There are so many greige options and as I’m sure many of you have noticed when choosing neutral paint colors beige either ends up too pink or too orange while grey can be too green or lavender.  The trick is to pick a warm beige to achieve the perfect greige. 

Photo: Resene

Photo: Resene

How exactly do you choose that perfect greige?  The answer is much more simple than you may have guessed.  You always use the darkest hue on the paint swatch as your guide.  Using the darkest color on the swatch gives you a true idea of the undertones that will show up in even the lightest shade on the swatch.  The darkest shade has the most saturation so you get to see it’s true color base.

For example, khaki has a pink or blue base, while golds have a green or brown base and reds have an orange or pink base.   To see a colors true base, always hold the paint chips next to something white, otherwise the color tones may be thrown off. 

If the darkest swatch is too green or too red, then those same hues are present in the lightest swatch.

Once you narrow down to your favorite colors, you should always paint a 4x4 swatch on each wall in the room you will be painting to see how the light works and make sure that you paint two coats to see the accurate color.  By painting the swatches on each wall you will be able to see how the color works in both natural and artificial light. 

Brunch Is The New Black

Wedding trends evolve year to year but this year, there is a new trend in style that everyone is toasting to. Brunch style receptions and showers are becoming the go-to catering style for those who want to mix things up in an unexpected way or stretch their budget. We all know that breakfast food goes a long way and, it’s a favorite for most!  You can have ‘breakfast for dinner’ at a nighttime affair, or stay more traditional with your classic 11am-2pm brunch times.

Photo by Studio EMP // Table Design + Catering 24 Carrots //Chalk Art Inviting Occassion

Photo by Studio EMP // Table Design + Catering 24 Carrots //Chalk Art Inviting Occassion

Food stations for breakfast are virtually limitless with waffle bars, parfait bars, coffee bars, and omelet stations.  Not all of the food should be heavy so add in some fresh fares like mint grapefruit salad or whipped ricotta with fruit. Think also of salmon, light salads, or mix things up by adding a twist on classics like French toast shooters and bacon wrapped puffed pastries.

Get crafty and create uncommon stations for food, drinks, and desserts. Incorporate a biscuit bar or a chicken and waffles station.  This can be casual or as elegant as any formal reception.  Have fun with the theme by mixing in DIY drink stations like a mimosa, bellini, or bloody mary bar.  We have also seen some great create your own coffee stations.  Bakers love to create new confection treats so give them the creative freedom to add their spin on dessert bars, mini tarts, themed macaroons and pies.

TSOS Nashville Champagne Bar courtesy of Le Grand Courtage // Photo by Shalyn Nelson of Love, The Nelsons

TSOS Nashville Champagne Bar courtesy of Le Grand Courtage // Photo by Shalyn Nelson of Love, The Nelsons

Perks for a brunch time event start with cost savings.  We all know that alcohol at a wedding can lead to a stiff price tag. With a mid-day brunch, your guests will be less likely to consume as much alcohol as they would at an evening soiree.

Second, your brunch can be as simple or formal as you desire.  Brunch tends to be more kid-friendly as well because of the time.  This can be appealing to your friends with little kids or your nieces and nephews that you want to include in your event.  If you love the idea of brunch but would rather do ‘breakfast for dinner’, then host an adults-only evening reception.  It’s always a great surprise when guests show up and see that breakfast is being served for dinner!

original photography for apartment 34 by ashley batz // florals by natalie bowen designs // dishware by mrs. peasy // styling by erin hiemstra + bianca sotelo // produced by bianca sotelo

original photography for apartment 34 by ashley batz // florals by natalie bowen designs // dishware by mrs. peasy // styling by erin hiemstra + bianca sotelo // produced by bianca sotelo

Now you may find you can reallocate your budget on the fun things that brides typically scale back because of food cost,  like your photographer, flowers, and hiring a designer and stylist (LIKE US.. wink wink) to bring your vision to life.

We talked with Laura Kilts, the owner and floral designer of Magnolia’s Florals & Event Design, and asked her some questions on how to elevate a brunch reception utilizing floral design.

Q:  When you think of floralizing a brunch event what types of flowers or arrangements come to mind?

A:  When I think of a brunch event, I envision Spring flowers with bright, bold colors, huge blooms and lots of fragrance.  Tulips come in a variety of colors and shapes and peonies and garden roses are just starting to come into season.  There are more options to play with for a daytime wedding and it is easier to create a whimsical look. 

A brunch style event gives brides or the planner more options to go out of their comfort zone when deciding on color palette and patterns.  The time of day can lend itself to china and linens that have more character and florals that are spilling over onto the table. 

Incorporating props with the flowers into the tablescape design also pairs well for this type of setting.  You can make each table uniquely different within the same design.

Photo by Erin McGinn Photography via Style Me Pretty // Design, Styling + Food by Couture Pastries

Photo by Erin McGinn Photography via Style Me Pretty // Design, Styling + Food by Couture Pastries

Q: If people are cutting alcohol costs and they have more dollars to spend on flowers, what types of arrangements would you recommend that may not have previously been an option with budget?

A: Garlands have been a trend the last few years and they are on the more expensive end of the floral design realm. I love it when a bride allows for a full dimensional floral garland, rather than just greenery laying flat on the table with placed flowers. 

Full flower garlands are considerably more expensive than a single centerpiece, so you can choose to do a few tables with some and the others with centerpieces.  Flowers have the ability to draw a guest into the reception.  People use their senses to see, feel, touch and smell so when your budget allows you to have a variety of floral arrangements then you are encouraging your guests to move around the room.

Q:  If you had just one area in a space that you were given full creative control over what area would you choose to floralize?

A:  People tend to cluster in an area and that area is often the bar.  Having a bar set up that allows for enough space for décor and your cocktail items is crucial.  Creating a backdrop for a mimosa bar or floralizing a cocktail area that allows for movement and feel makes for a great party.  Giving guests something to look at while they are waiting or standing around keeps their interest.  Flowers are always great accents to your bar that can really elevate the overall look.

So, there you have it.  Brunch is the new Black. 

Cinco Your Style

Cinco de Mayo is only a couple days away!! We of course had to infuse the Cinco spirit into our interiors with a little Cactus decor.  We are obsessed over here with the new expansion of Anthropologie home so we decided to create a look that will translate past the 5th of May and well into the seasons to come.  If you don't have time to plaster your walls like the visual merchandising team for Anthro, then you are not alone!  We have included some fun wallpaper options that round out this look. Click here to #Shop7thstyle